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Legal Empowerment at IDLO

The International Development Law Organization (“IDLO“) makes legal empowerment central to its work. Its ‘bottom up’ approach aims to equip people with the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to realize their rights. Legal Empowerment Strengthens Rights for Girls and Young Women From 2016-2018 IDLO worked with girls and young women in Tanzania and Uganada […]

General News

India: Lawyers Needed for Citizenship Justice in Assam

Lawyers Needed in Assam Devex reports some staggering numbers in India’s state of Assam where 1.9 million people have been excluded from the final National Register of Citizens.  32.9 million people applied to be included on the list.  Within the next four months the excluded will have to apply to a ‘Foreigners Tribunal’ to have […]

General News

Namati to Invest $45 million to Accelerate Justice

Namati will invest $45 million USD to accelerate justice around the world. It will work in close partnership with members of its network to take on three urgent issues – health justice, land and environmental justice, and citizenship justice – in six countries: Kenya, India, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, and the United States. Namati’s Global […]