Overview on Innovation

Rapid changes in justice technology may change everything in the way justice is delivered.  Particularly in newer systems, this technology could take hold very quickly.  Just as mobile phones leapt over land lines in many countries, justice technology ay allow some countries to skip some of the  costly building of physical infrastructure.  On line mediation and adjudication will have important implications for the the way justice is delivered through the legal system.

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General Innovation

A New Voice for Legal Technology

At JTL we’re always on the lookout for new developments in legal technology. Legal Rebels is an American Bar Association podcast for innovators who are remaking the legal profession. This month they pod about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s new MIT Computational Law Report which describes itself as “…an agile, new media online publication that […]

General Innovation

Legal Design – Learn More Here

Legal design will lead the next generation of justice reform.  Justice seekers should learn more about it. Legal design is more than just the ‘next new thing’ in justice reform.  It brings together powerful innovation ideas, from law and elsewhere.  It says that creators of justice solutions should focus first on users.  Users should be […]