In this category we plan to group posts that are more generally described as relating to the ‘rule of law’.

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Rule of Law

Can There Be Justice in Myanmar Without Approval Military Approval??

Frontier, Myanmar’s English-language weekly magazine:  “The police force, which is under the military-controlled Ministry of Home Affairs, currently has overbearing influence over government prosecutors and judges, who are currently unable to pursue cases and pass judgements without fear or worry”. Read more about the complex underpinnings of Myanmar’s justice system.  

Rule of Law

Rule of Law vs Law and Order

Rule of Law Defined Here’s what Rachel Kleinfeld says: “Definitions of the rule of law fall into two categories: (1) those that emphasize the ends that the rule of law is intended to serve within society (such as upholding law and order, or providing predictable and efficient judgments), and (2) those that highlight the institutional […]