This section covers the Task Force on Justice report called Justice for All.  Because this is certainly important for everyone looking at the policy end of things, we will follow it for a while as a special topic.  We are asking questions about how helpful the report is for practitioners in the field.  We encourage everyone who is interested in the report and SDG 16 to get in touch with us.  We plan to develop a comprehensive analysis as a community project.

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Justice for All

Task Force on Justice – Is Its Report Useful for Practitioners?

Editors’ Note:  Since this post was first drafted, justice issues have been considered at meetings held at the UN General Assembly on September 24-25.  We’ll get you an update on those meetings as soon as we can.  We would like to hear from you if you were at the meetings.  Please reply/comment or contact us […]

Justice for All

Stephen Golub – A Foundational Thinker

Legal Empowerment and Access to Justice Stephen Golub has had a huge influence on modern thinking about legal empowerment and access to justice. The Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor noted that his thinking about the need to provide the poor with concrete mechanisms to claim their rights and alleviate their poverty made him […]