Who Are We?

Who are we?

Justice Through Law – A Community of Practice Blog

Larry Taman has worked with a small group of senior rule of law practitioners who have come together for the start up of Justice Through Law.  Lynn Sheehan, Alex Batesmith and Kevin Chang have contributed the first feature posts – and lots of wise counsel.  Soon you will see more contributions from other members of our advisory group.  Ultimately, we want Justice Through Law to be community led – owned and managed by the people who use it.

Justice Through Law:  No Money.  No Sponsors.  No Political Viewpoint

We have no money, no sponsors and no political viewpoint. We’re hoping to keep it that way.

We just want to help make it easier for justice seekers to do their jobs.

Justice Through Law:  What You Can Do Right Now

This is our beta site – not ready for prime time but we think it’s ready for reader comment.  You can start by checking out Our Justice Mission.  For additional information, please have a look at the Note to Early Viewers.