Our Mission

Our mission is to advance justice reform wherever we can by giving you the tools you need to do your job.

What Do you Need?

Maybe its a day for practical things and you just need a tool – for making a strategic plan, managing a big project or training your team?  Maybe you are a judge, a prosecutor or police officer tasked with creating a more service oriented culture when people come to seek help.  Maybe you’re a consultant feeding into an upcoming project document by assessing the efficacy of traditional justice mechanisms.  

Maybe you’re looking for the SDG 16 news of the day? You could be looking for a clear analysis of judicial independence? If you’re thinking more about broad justice policy, how about Justice for All, some innovative thinking from the Task Force on Justice on what it means and how to find it?

Maybe you’d just like to meet some of the thousands of people around the world who do the same work you do?

We will have all of that and more.

What We Need

Let us know what you and others need. Can you contribute? We’re not looking for money but a little help with the work would be nice.

We’re aiming for more as we grow – community driven research projects, campaigns, tool kits – it’s all part of the plan to build a community of rule of law practitioners. We’ll need people to curate forums, monitor blog threads, head up our projects and lead our campaigns.

Speaking of helping out, does anybody out there know about social media marketing? Maybe you know someone who does. To learn more, leave a reply on any page with your thoughts and questions or click on the Follow Us button. You can always contact the Getting Started group by filling out the Contact Form, below.

If you like what you see so far, let us know. When we’re ready, we’ll be asking you to connect us to your network through your social media. Every ‘like’ will bring out a few more of our thousands of colleagues around the world.

Wondering Who We are?

That Rule of Law Blog is member driven. It has no sponsors, no funding and no formal governance. This demo website is the work of a small Getting Started Group. Please join up and help us grow.

When do we launch?

Until we launch in September, this demo site is private. Now that you’re in, you can leave a reply on any page. For general comments, click here. To contact us, please use the form below. At the bottom of the page you will see buttons for sharing to your social media accounts. We’re not quite ready for that yet – but we’re getting there.


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