Note to Early Viewers

Justice Seekers – Some Questions for You

  • Is there an audience for Justice Through Law?
  • Who is in the audience? We will be reaching out to justice seekers everywhere – particularly those in developing, transitioning and post-conflict societies.

All Justice Seekers are Welcome Here

  • When we reach out to justice seekers, we are not thinking only of professionals such as lawyers, paralegals, judges and police officers.  We are also thinking of community organizers working with communities to address land grabbing, prison officers pushing for more humane treatment of prisoners, police officers who want a better understanding of the ‘rule of law’  and court officials learning how they can serve litigants without money changing hands – everyone engaged in the search for justice through law.
  • We want to build a vibrant community of practice, a place where justice seekers can come together to strengthen each other. Where everyone is both a learner and a teacher.  Is a blog a good way to start? What comes next?
  • What are the priority needs for practitioners’ tools?  What would you most like to learn more about?
  • Do you like the ‘look’ of the blog? Would you prefer something more younger? Louder? More formal in appearance?  This is all easy to change.

Please Share the Blog.  Then Share it Some More.  The More Quickly We Grow the Justice Through Law Community, the More Effective It Will Be

  • How can we get the blog out there so that justice seekers in many countries with many languages will check it out and offer to participate?
  • If you like the blog, or think you might grow to like it, please follow it and ‘like’ it and ‘share’ it right away on your social media. Every like will broaden the audience and give JTL a better chance to succeed.
  • Would you be willing to lend a hand as we build the community? What would you like to do?  We need people to write Featured Posts, to respond to Featured Posts, to join our communities of practice.

What do you think?

Justice Through Law:  Please Contact Us


We look forward to hearing from you!