Help Wanted

Please have a look through the site and let us know if you think you could volunteer to help out – and where.

Help Us With Social Media

Our priority until the end of October is have every reader who likes the idea of Justice Through Law to like it, share it, email links to it – to get it out there.  As more people do this, the community grows and so does its energy and effectiveness.  You can click on the social buttons which you will find on just about every page and link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

As the media presence build, we’ll be looking for media managers to keep things going.  Let us know if you’d be interested.

Be a Category Manager

We are looking for category managers who can take on the job of curating a category – looking for fresh comments and contributors is particularly important.  Occasionally, you might have to intervene to take the tone down a notch or two.  You might from time to time need to give people a gentle push to get into the conversations in your category.

How About Writing a Featured Post?

We are also on the look out for people to write Featured Posts like Lynn Sheehan on Ukraine or this Alex Batesmith on Your First Justice Assignment.  These are intended as short conversation starters (ideally, 250-500 words) from people who have thought through the issue and are able to start an interesting, informative online community conversation.

We Need Project Leaders Too

We think that community members will find it useful to undertake projects to provide more detailed knowledge and skills on the subjects people care about the most.  Going back to Your First Justice Assignment, people would probably find it helpful to start with these ideas and then to develop a manual for people starting out.  How to search for that first job?  How to nail the interview?  Where to find the good context information Alex says you should be looking for?

Sounds like an interesting project.  Needs one or more leaders to scope it and get it moving.  There are other projects waiting to be discovered in each category.

Please get in touch if you have a little time to help us out.