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Over the next few weeks we’re encouraging everyone to help us build our readership. Here are two things you could do to help.

Please Help To Get The Message Out

It would be a big help if everyone who sees this post could post to their own networks – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, whatever – the following text (or something like it:

“Justice Through All” is an emerging community of practice for anyone interested in developing justice systems. Their goal is to help practitioners develop knowledge and skills to improve the work:, @JTL_blog and on Facebook.

What’s On Your Mind?

Our best source of information continues to be you and what you tell us about your work and your ideas. Most of the posts to date have been written by colleagues or have come from suggestions from colleagues. Everyone’s busy, but remember that this is a blog, not a peer-reviewed journal. Posts can be short (250 words is a good target) and we can help you get your draft into ‘blog form’.

Please help us out and share what’s on your mind.

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