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A New Voice for Legal Technology

At JTL we’re always on the lookout for new developments in legal technology. Legal Rebels is an American Bar Association podcast for innovators who are remaking the legal profession. This month they pod about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s new MIT Computational Law Report which describes itself as “…an agile, new media online publication that […]


Featured Post: Better Management for Better Justice Reform

Editors’ Note:  Our friend Lisa LeSage from LexTerra Strategies reminds us that good management is key to achieving good project results. While you might not be a management specialist, you might spend much of you time managing or helping others to manage.  If this makes you feel way out of your league, never mind.  Help […]

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Legal Empowerment at IDLO

The International Development Law Organization (“IDLO“) makes legal empowerment central to its work. Its ‘bottom up’ approach aims to equip people with the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to realize their rights. Legal Empowerment Strengthens Rights for Girls and Young Women From 2016-2018 IDLO worked with girls and young women in Tanzania and Uganada […]