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Legal Design – Learn More Here

Legal design will lead the next generation of justice reform.  Justice seekers should learn more about it.

Legal design is more than just the ‘next new thing’ in justice reform.  It brings together powerful innovation ideas, from law and elsewhere.  It says that creators of justice solutions should focus first on users.  Users should be the first thing you think about in solving a justice problem.

To learn more, check out these sites.

Legal Design – Putting Users First

If you are thinking about how to improve a legal system, that’s good.  If you’re thinking about sometime later on organizing a ‘legal awareness campaign’ to ‘socialize’ the improvements, well, that’s not so good.

Look here to learn what people are doing to design legal solutions by starting with the users.

Justice Adda: incubated at Cambridge University, Justice Adda aims to develop content and tools to make legal systems inclusive and efficient; and then

Legal Design Lab: based at Stanford University, the Legal Design Lab uses human-centered design and innovative methods to design new justice solutions; and finally

Graphic Advocacy Project:  the Graphic Advocacy Project creates customized graphic expressions of law that engage, inform, and mobilize.

Legal Design at Justice Through Law – Be Our Curator

If you would be interested in curating Justice Through Law’s work in this area, please contact us.  We need you!!!

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