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Legal design will lead the next generation of justice reform.  Justice seekers should learn more about it. Legal design is more than just the ‘next new thing’ in justice reform.  It brings together powerful innovation ideas, from law and elsewhere.  It says that creators of justice solutions should focus first on users.  Users should be […]

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Featured Post – Better Legal Technology for Better Access to Justice

Editor’s Note:  Our senior colleague Miodrag (Mike) Perisic has provided expert technical leadership on legal technology projects in Serbia, Myanmar, Bosnia, Indochina, Serbia and Montenegro. He is currently Senior ICT Expert at the European Union Delegation, Northern Macedonia. In this Featured Post, he offers some initial observation on bringing ICT to justice in developing, transitioning […]

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Featured Post: Legal Design and Innovation

Editors’ Note:  Time to brush up on our innovation thinking. If you don’t know a rolling cohort from a rolling stone, this Featured Post on Legal Design might be just what you’re looking for.  Please pass it on right away to your network. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with others who share […]