Four Useful Sources

  1. The World Justice Project describes itself as “…an independent, multidisciplinary organization working to advance the rule of law worldwide.  It began as an initiative of the American Bar Association.  Its Rule of Law Index analyses the rule of law performance of 126 countries, providing useful benchmarks for measuring the progress of reform initiatives.  Now, its Global Insights on Access to Justice documents legal needs on a global scale.
  2. The European e-Justice Portal is conceived as a future electronic one-stop-shop in the area of justice.  It’s full of interesting things to read about, including a very helpful section on good training practices.  Lots on practical skills here.
  3. The Consultative Council of European Judges is an advisory body of the Council of Europe.  Its opinions on judicial independence and how to preserve it remain compulsory reading for anyone working with judges.
  4. Justice for All is an ABA initiative

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