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Our Mission: To Support Law, Justice and Development. Start Here!

At Justice Through Law our mission is to support law, justice and development through our communities of practice. Welcome to the beta version of our blog.

Law, Justice and Development is at the Core of Our Justice Mission – Tell Us What You Think

We will create an online community of practice to help justice seekers succeed. We will be building tools for judges, lawyers, paralegals, community workers, police officers and others.  Anyone seeking to support law, justice and development is welcome to come in, look around and participate.

You will find the most recent posts, comments and replies on this page.  Be sure to check out our frequent Featured Posts here.

We’re going to start by supporting justice in developing and transitioning countries and countries that are emerging from conflict.  Our focus will evolve over time depending on the needs of our community.

Please have a look at this blog.  Let us know how we can help you. Let us know if you would like to contribute? We’re not looking for money but we do want an active community.   We could certainly use a little help with the work. 

Help Out By Telling Us What You Need

Are you thinking about working in justice sector reform?  Are you already working in justice sector reform?  Do you live or work in in a developing or transitioning country? In a post-conflict country?  Are you a public servant or community worker who has just been assigned to a justice reform job.  Are you a citizen justice seeker?  We want this blog to be the first place you look for the tools you need to do your job.

Maybe you need a tool for making a strategic plan, managing a big project, building a team or doing a training needs assessment? Maybe you need to access the best knowledge judicial independence? If you’re thinking more about broad justice policy, how about the latest on Justice for All, some innovative thinking on SDG 16 from the Task Force on Justice?

Maybe you’d just like to get to know some of the thousands of people around the world who do the same work you do?  You might want to tell them about something you’ve been doing.  You might want to know what it’s like to work in Bhutan, South Sudan or Cox’s Bazaar.  Check out all our posts.

Please tell us what you need.  You can comment on this post even without following us – although following is good.  On the Contact page you can write in as much detail as you want.

Yes, There’s More You Can Do If You Want to Help

We plan to build a community of rule of law practitioners. We’ll need people to write featured blogs, monitor threads, design manuals head up emerging community projects and lead our campaigns. To learn more, leave a reply on any page with your thoughts and questions or click on the ‘Follow Us’ button. You can always contact us by going to the Contact page.

Here’s One Thing You Can Do For Sure

If you like what you see, let us know. It would be a big help if you could connect us to your network through your social media. Every ‘like’ will bring out a few more of our thousands of colleagues around the world.

Wondering Who We Are?

JTL is member driven. It has no sponsors, no funding and no formal governance. The website as it exists today is the work of a small group of practitioners who have worked in justice reform in many countries. Please join up, help us grow and make JTL the goto place for justice reform through law.

Welcome to Justice Through Law!

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