World Justice Project: Access to Justice Portal

The World Justice Project has been at the forefront of the effort to advance evidence-based analysis of access to justice issues.

An Analytical Tool for Policy Makers

Now, they have put some of their most important work on their Global Insights on Access to Justice portal.  Would it help in your work to know how many people in Bosnia and Herzegovina were able to access a lawyer when they needed assistance in the last two years?  During that period, how many people in Myanmar experienced a citizenship problem?  Do people in Bangladesh understand their rights and know where to get assistance with a legal problem?  What about India?

Benchmarks for Monitoring and Evaluation

This portal will serve as a thought provoking starting point for people trying to set performance measures and indicators for access to justice related work.

Find the World Justice Project Access to Justice Portal here.

They are doubtless looking forward to your comments.  Let us know what you think?  Anybody interested in writing a “Featured Post” on “Evidence-based Analysis of Access to Justice Issues”?  Just contact us.


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