UN Toolkit for Women’s Access to Justice

A UN interagency effort produces a toolkit for women’s access to justice

UN Women, UNHCR and OHCHR produced this toolkit in 2018.  It aims to provide ‘practical guidance on how to address [barriers faced by women] across justice systems…

and within the contexts of: marriage, family and property rights; ending violence against women; and women in conflict with the law, with special reference to programming at country level”.

The Toolkit provides an introduction and five modules.  “The primary users of this Toolkit are programming, policy and managerial staff of the United Nations system”.  In fairness, it was not the purpose of this guide to provide tools for the day-to-day problems in getting the work done.

All this leaves space for a field level toolkit.  How to reach out to women?  How to support the strengthening of women’s organizations?  Is there leadership that is looking for strengthening?  Is there space to work with political parties?  What about keeping everyone safe as we work?

If you know of existing toolkits, please let us know.

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